Time Assignment Continues…

Here it is leap day, February 29th 2012.  This day only comes around every 4 years, sort of like my book publication…   But I hold fast to my life lesson and motivation for writing this book : God’s timing is perfect and He allows everything into my life for my good and His glory.    It is rather poignant that the vehicle for my life message has undergone the process so well.  But I am truly thankful for it.  I have been able to soak up some new things in life.  Mainly, I am now a mom who gets to stay home.  All the years of working in jobs I wasn’t particularly excited about have given me a daily appreciation for this new journey.  Living in a new town has also provided me lots of time to soak up so much of the life lessons I’ve been through but not had time to ponder.  I am so thankful that I didn’t have a book publication to distract from that.  I don’t want to sound too dramatic, but this time of waiting has been a spiritual awakening in me.  I am so aware that the ONLY thing that matters in life is what God is doing in it.  I want to participate with Him.

So here it is almost 4 years after I excitedly shared with so many that I wrote a book and it was going to be published.  I have heard from my publisher off and on over the years and recently have been assured that this is really it.  They are really going to get me my proofs and then off we go.  That would be fun.  Wouldn’t it?

I will keep you up to date on what is happening with my book.  One thing that I am excited about is the book trailer.  I filmed it almost 2 years ago and then held onto this amazing HD footage.  My laptop didn’t have the speed or memory to do the appropriate editing so for my birthday this month (and the next 10 years) 🙂  my husband bought me a new computer.  And the software and HD footage get along like a house on fire!  So I threw together a trailer with some of the footage.  It really is ‘slapped’ together and is just to show some of the great footage we got.  I have been having so much fun playing with the software that hours just wiz by!  I hope to have a polished trailer to go with the actual book.

So without further ado I give you my first very rough draft book trailer…

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My own time assignment…

I have heard back from my publisher again, 6 months after I heard “We are going to get to your manuscript next week”.  I’m not sure what that means in terms of my book actually coming out anytime soon however.   And I don’t mean to complain about my publisher, I just start out with this to share how these last months and years have been filled with lessons of trusting God’s perfect timing.

I write from the position of somebody still in the middle of a ‘time assignment’ of sorts.  Even longer than I have been waiting for my book to be published (It will be 3 years this July since I signed a contract) my husband and I have been waiting on other things that, frankly, have much more of an impact on our lives than whether or not I actually become a published author. Getting my book published has always seemed like some unreal dream, so the delay hasn’t been that immediately disheartening.  After the first year of waiting, I think my expectations just got readjusted.  I had to come to the point where I really was okay if my book never got published.

My husband and I have been waiting for several years for God’s hand to move in regards to  my husband’s employment and having children.  And the week before we filmed my book trailer I found out I was pregnant!  We didn’t know that this could happen, we were told that ‘all systems were a go’ but nothing had been ‘going’.  We calculated when the baby was due and figured that my husband’s current funding for  research ends just about the same week the baby should be born! It occurred to us that God knew about that, and after all the years of waiting for Him to provide children, He does so RIGHT when my husband needs a job.  (I have been working the 11 years we’ve been married too, but I’m not the one with a PhD and we had hoped I would be able to stay home since I am the one with the equipment to feed baby.) 🙂

We are so excited for this new life that is growing but have been struggling to trust God for the uncertain future.  It has been tough,  but as of this week my husband has interviews for two different jobs.  After he finished his PhD he has been applying for all sorts of jobs but did not  even  get a NIBBLE for positions he was more than qualified for.   He has finally heard back, and just when we need to.  And both of the jobs he is highly qualified for and feels he could jump right in and be a blessing.  We can see in the particulars of how these are unfolding how God has been moving all along.  He has perfect timing, perfect plans and a perfect glory to be revealed.

We are still looking down the road at much uncertainty (my husband still has no job offers and the baby won’t be born until May), but we are confident that God is moving and that He has perfect timing even though we can’t see it all from here.  This is where faith muscles are built.  This is where we see the nature of God that fascinates me enough to have written a book about it.  He is working… He is arranging circumstances and moving in lives for purposes so far beyond what we could imagine.  It’s an amazing journey that I am privileged to be a part of.  THIS is what life is all about.  John 10:10 says that Jesus came that we might have life and have it MORE ABUNDANTLY.  This is what He meant.  If we will wait on Him, the abundance He offers will overwhelm us…

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us,  to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

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Promoting… I’d rather have a root canal

Well it appears that after a year of being available on amazon my book has NOT made it to the New York Times best seller list.  Okay, not surprised.  But I am now face to face with the fact that I have severely loathed the work of promoting my novel Time Assignment.  I am NOT a salesman and do not think anybody really needs to buy ANYthing.  Seriously.    I had no clue what getting my book published meant in that regard.  I mean, I figured I’d have to tell people what it was about, but try to convince them to read it?

Did I mention I stink at selling things?

But my publisher has invested in me, and what’s more I believe God has invested in me.  He gave me a certain amount of ability and a fun idea that I truly hope and pray may encourage people to consider God as the loving creator He Is.  And people spend waaaay too much money buying Harlequin romance novels.  They just need to know there are other options!  So… I need to get over this.

One way I have started to is through friends who have told me how much they have enjoyed my book.  I was so floored by an email I got from a faculty member I used to work with at the University of Arizona.  He wrote “I just finished your book, and I really enjoyed it.  You are an excellent writer, and you kept me enthralled with your colorful imagery and engaging narrative.  I was forced to suspend my own beliefs to consider the possibility of what you suggested–good job!  I hope to read more….”

And another friend did a very funny and encouraging review on their blog.  Read it here http://haphazardhollingsworth.blogspot.com/2013/06/book-review-time-assignment.html

My publisher has equipped me with lists of websites, companies, and ideas that can help get my novel ‘out there’.  Now I just need to do it…

Oh Lord, please help!


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Time Assignment trailer 2014

Here is my updated, shortened video trailer for my novel Time Assignment. My book is available on amazon.com or from my publisher Oaktara, at http://www.oaktara.com

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Time Assignment for $2 TODAY!

So TODAY, April 14, 2014, my novel is only $2 on Amazon for the e version!  Just had to post so anybody who might be interested can get it.  I am not a very good promoter I realized.  I posted this on facebook and several friends commented ‘you wrote a novel?’  Oh well… Here is the link!


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Time Assignment a novel… available on Amazon!

Well the day has arrived… Time Assignment is available to purchase on Amazon.

I actually didn’t find out until one of my best friends called me, one of my ‘editors’ whom I dedicated the book to.  She said ‘I just HAD to call you! I’m all choked up after I got to hold a copy of your book!’  Her daughter is actually on the cover.

To which I rather eloquently replied, ‘WHAT?!  How’d you get a copy of my book?!’

She said, ‘Um, it’s on Amazon.’

Yah… I guess I was a bit busy this last month.  You see I gave birth to our son on April 1st (via c-section).  Apparently the book was posted to Amazon a few weeks later.   I think it very appropriate that after all this time, Time Assignment arrives rather unceremoniously…

So here are my two ‘babies’ together.

My babies I have been rather humbled by the number of people who have told me they have bought a copy.  I know that is the point, but I really wish I could just give anybody who wanted one a copy.  But part of getting a book published is having something worth buying.  It is pretty fun to hold it in my hands, flip through the pages and think ‘I wrote this… and it’s pretty good!’  I forgot how much fun the story is.  I pray that each person who reads it enjoys it, but beyond that I continue to pray for God’s perfect way with it.  That He might use it for His Hidden Glory.

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Publication in process, I’ve got a book cover and manuscript edits…

So it looks like my novel will actually get published.  I have a cover design and a manuscript proof I need to get back to the editor with edits.

I thought I’d be more excited.  But perhaps after 5 years, reality takes longer to sink in.

I hadn’t really given up, just had stopped planning on it.  I seriously came to a place where I thought that perhaps the work God had for this novel was complete.  I mean, my best friend did get a husband out of the deal (I’ll share that story in another post once I get her permission).  And I had a blast sharing it with my favorite people.  But then I had a baby, we moved, and I’m going to have another baby any second.

I guess life is more important than the stuff I thought I wanted to accomplish.

But I am looking forward to this next stage in the journey.  I am still in love with telling stories and using every creative juice to share the many facets of God’s nature that amaze, overwhelm, humble, motivate and thrill me.

For His Glory….

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Updated video trailer

Did I mention how much fun I am having with editing this trailer?  Here is the latest update.

Also, just as an aside.  My final ‘official’ video will only be 30 seconds long and will mostly likely not be to Brooke Fraser’s song ‘Scarlet’. I have been trying to get permission to use it though.   I will post the official trailer when I have an official book.

Oh and I know about the green screen at the end.  Still playing with the software.

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